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Chameleon Villa



you could really fuck with your baby if you get something embarrassing tattooed on the top of their head when they’re born and don’t tell them then they go bald 50 years later like what the fuck

never become a parent

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White Mountain by Dani David
[ … lofoten ] by D-P  Photography
Nikon Df by benman31
Boat   Nikon Df by benman31


130806_b6 (by francois romain)

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The Incoming by Bipphy Kath
Bliss by Benjamin Butschell
Untitled by Richard Dyson
Aware by Larry Nienkark
Bue marino cave by Ivan Pedretti
Reitdiephaven - Groningen by Iván Maigua
Svartifoss by Daniel Korzhonov
The Giants Causeway III by Marius Kastečkas